Thursday, February 4, 2010

To Specialize... or NOT?!

Years ago I listened as Director, Robert Altman accepted a lifetime achievement award and said that he never took a job that he knew, at the outset, how to do...

I always loved that, and would say that while I am fairly knowledgeable about the workings of my camera, lenses, light, etc., I STILL get nervous before every single shoot.

It is one of the things that keeps me fresh and passionate about my work - the fact that every shoot provides a new opportunity to learn, to compose, to work with unique light, color and subject matter - and I almost never know how I'll approach these unique conditions until I'm there.

This commission, though, really threw me for a loop as I've never shot food! Through twitter, I have been introduced to work of some incredible culinary photographers, such as NY based Adriana Mullen - LOVE her work - and have been curious to try.

I met Elise Wiggins, Executive Chef at Panzano Restaurant in Denver, while shooting the Telluride Festival of the Arts a few years back and we have been in touch ever since. When she asked me to shoot a few lamb dishes for a client of hers, I was quite nervous (even reluctant!) but excited!

Watching her prepare these dishes I couldn't help but see her as an artist sculpting works of fine art (only these sculptures taste divine), and immediately I was excited to capture whatever essence of these dishes I possibly could. My hope is that these photos make you feel perhaps a bit hungry... If so, be sure to check out her incredible creations next time you are in Denver!

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