Sunday, May 18, 2014

Denver School of the Arts | Theatre Senior Project: OSMOSIS

I photographed the dress rehearsal of the Senior Project at the Denver School of the Arts a few days ago. But I didn't really experience OSMOSIS until last night, when I got to sit and become completely absorbed in the story and these incredibly compelling characters. I woke up thinking about it, my son and I are still talking about it now, and I'm quite sure the story of connection, relationship and the role of chance that these kids told will be with me for a long time...

Bella O'Brien, Liam Broadhurst and Belle Stockdale, all seniors at this incredible school, wrote an absolutely STUNNING play (which I hope is published!!); the entire senior production and design team was clearly inspired; and Andie Lerner's direction was both visionary and impeccable! The use of music, lighting and movement sequences added to both the impact and the visual beauty of this original work.

And the entire CAST... when I look at this photo above, now having really FELT the show, it blows me away how the layers of these well developed characters jump out from this still image (the depth in Mitchell Lippett's eyes speaks volumes as to the story).

Huge congratulations to the Class of 2014 Theatre Majors.
You truly moved my heart.

I'll share one more particularly powerful moment:

The rest of the production photos can be found on the DSA Photo website.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Love! Pure Love! | Denver Family Photographer

So there's this question that every photographer is asked:
   "What's your favorite photo?"
To which, ideally, the answer is:
   "The one I'll take tomorrow!"

I've been lucky enough to experience and create new personal favorites on nearly every photo shoot lately, but this one (above!) may have just jumped onto a permanent list of top fav photos ever!! Pure joy, pure love, natural light... spontaneous moment. All of my very favorite things in one image.

Of course, it helps that I have fallen madly in love with this little family. Can you blame me? I mean, can you even believe how CUTE this little girl is?? She was a fantastic model on our shoot... and her PARENTS?? Well, let me just say it was a joy-filled honor to get to work with these incredible, bright, loving and super TALENTED people. Stephanie and Doug, I just adore you!

In case you were wondering, yes, behind the camera I was in heaven. Oh! And I almost forgot: we were outside trying to duck to avoid 30 MPH wind gusts on this shoot in Denver. So we got creative in finding protected urban nooks with great light, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Model Portfolio Build | Denver Portrait Photographer

I never realized how much I'd enjoy the "directing" part of a photo shoot. It's a huge part of making this all work successfully -- learning to work with people to make them comfortable (which often means pushing their own comfort zones), especially if they have never been photographed or modeled before.

This was just such a session. Hans had just been signed by Wilhelmina Denver and needed an entire portfolio build, having never been photographed before. When you look at these photos, that's just plain amazing right?? We had SUCH a great time; he was open, took direction well, moved through poses and -- can I just say -- he took GREAT photos!

I'm really excited for his modeling ventures and hope to photograph him again soon!