Thursday, February 18, 2010

Telluride AIDS Benefit - Model Photos coming!

Can't give away this year's Annual Model Photo until it is revealed at the Art Auction on Friday night next week, but here is a teaser of this year's (now an annual tradition of mine) "butt shot."  (2) uniquely framed prints will be auctioned during the silent auction again this year.

The models were FANTASTIC sports and it genuinely felt like everyone had a great time at this year's shoot!  I heard an update that the framing on our main model photo is going to look fantastic, and I'm VERY excited to see it!  We are trying to think outside the box a bit with this one (with the photo concept AND the framing)... it has been quite a collaborative effort to pull this off.  Very excited for next week's events in Telluride - hope to see you there!

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