Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy December | Denver Photography

Happy 12.12.12!
Click below for a bit of on update on what's been happening at MDP -- theatre, non-profit work, architectural publications, etc.  And I'm loving a fresh update to my branding / logo!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Calendar | 2013 : Seasonal iPhoneography

Happy Thanksgiving!  It's time to think about holiday gifts and calendars!

For this brand new collaboration with publisher MagCloud, I've selected a few of my favorite iPhone photographs which celebrate the ephemeral beauty of the seasons in every day moments.  They are combined with quotations from famous photographers and designers -- from Annie Leibovitz to Steve Jobs -- sharing thoughts that inspire me, and hopefully will do the same for you.

Calendar | 2013
28 pages, published 11/19/2012
2013 | Seasonal Reflections
Celebrate the seasons with artful iphoneography and inspired quotations by distinguished photographers and designers. Photos by Colorado based photographer Jennifer Koskinen

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Event Photography Denver | Tango

Sometimes, especially in covering an event or wedding, a moment is captured completely by being in the right spot at the right time.  From the back of my camera, I thought this was headed for the outtake batch, but it has grown on me.  To my eye, just the right things come through -- her eye, closed in the passion of the dance -- her raised leg being lost completely in the speed of the Tango -- and the fact that the clasped hands of the dancing pair are the most crisp moment in the composition.

I kind of love it.  But that's the thing about photography -- it is entirely personal.  What do you think?

Friday, July 27, 2012

On Interstellar Dance + a New Website | Architectural, Wedding, Portrait + Product Photography, Denver

Winding my way through the breathtaking back roads of Colorado a few years ago, I was lost in a favorite tape-set of mine called "Canticle to the Cosmos."  (wait, I just typed the word "tape-set" -- there's a possibility this may have been more than a few years ago) 

On this particular trip, following a spectacular autumn photo shoot at dawn, I was somewhere near Great Sand Dunes National Monument when struck anew by the words of cosmologist Brian Swimme.  He spoke passionately about exploding supernovas, black holes, violent asteroid collisions and entire galaxies hurdling through space toward each other on an inevitable course toward an interstellar dance of destruction. 

My attention was sparked deeper still as he paused to reflect on the poignance behind the chaos.  It turns out that each of us are comprised of certain elements which are produced ONLY in the most fiery explosions of giant supernovas.  We thus are, quite literally, made of stardust.  On top of this gift of elemental life birthed solely through the most destructive of universal events, Mr. Swimme suggests that there is a more poetic gift in all of this destruction as well: the gift of pressure.  A
positive pressure... the pressure to LIVE, to love, to observe, to experience.  A pressure to appreciate what it is to be human at this moment in time.

So... why am I talking about this in a photography blog?  Partly it's an attempt to find perspective and hope amongst the backdrop of recent events in our more immediate universe.  Maybe I just wanted to use the phrase "interstellar dance" in a post announcing my NEW WEBSITE.  Either way, if you happen to find resonance in Swimme's perspective, I hope it inspires you as it has for me!

With a renewed vigor for grabbing each precious day and living it to its fullest, here's to each of us remembering -- today and every day -- to make it count! 

Carpe Diem.

a glimpse of my new homepage!  Come VISIT!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Architectural Photography | Telluride CO

I'll admit it, my heart was racing for most of this shoot: this recently completed One Architects house in Mountain Village, Colorado was filled with SO many incredible spaces, details, textures and juxtapositions I was constantly being seduced by new moments to appreciate.  Another stunning example of no-stone-unturned design philosophy in action.  Kudos to the incredibly talented team who brought this project to such beautiful completion!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby! | Newborn Photography Denver

It is so FLIPPING MUCH FUN to photograph a couple's wedding, then their maternity session... and then get to meet their amazing little newborn for more photos!!  This precious little guy has the sweetest disposition and was simply delightful to photograph -- and can you get over his HAIR?!

I love my job!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Green Gourmet Cooking | New Merritt Design Photo Magazine!

So excited to share this new project which I photographed and designed for a wonderful new client, the uber talented Lucy Warenski, chef at Green Gourmet Cooking.

Within hours of uploading the finished artwork, I was contacted by the Director of Marketing at MagCloud, saying how much she loved this piece and asking if she could feature our first issue as part of the launch of MagCloud's new 8x8 format square magazine later this week -- very exciting!

Green Gourmet Cooking
28 pages, published 27 APR 2012
Yum! Our premiere issue of Green Gourmet Cooking features information, recipe, sample menu and delicious photos of Denver Colorado based organic chef, Lucy Warenski. Photography by Jennifer Koskinen

Watch for big things from Lucy and me as we strive to take the culinary world by storm!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lauren Harper Collection | Jewelry Photography

Even knowing full well that I don't get to keep them, I can't helping feeling like a kid on Christmas morning every time I open a new package of jewelry when I prepare for a photo session of Lauren's work.  The quality of each hand chosen precious stone; the vibrance of the facets and colors; the strong and still beautifully feminine designs... it has been fascinating to watch her work evolve over the years, and quite an honor to capture the journey!

Please visit Lauren Harper Collection for more information!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Waterworks Showroom | Denver Architectural Photography

I still remember, back in my days as an architectural designer, the impression I left with after feeling my first samples of Waterworks glass tiles: LOVE.  So I was pretty darn excited to be contacted by the Denver showroom to photograph their new location in the Denver Design District.  Wonderful company, highest quality beautiful designs, great people.  Enjoy.

And the Grand Opening Event itself was a blast, too!  For more photos of the event, see gallery here.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Wall Story | Denver Center Theatre Company

Cast of "Great Wall Story": John Hutton, Mike Hartman, Jacob Knoll, Larry Paulson, Christopher Kelly, Merritt Janson & Gabe Koskinen-Sansone
If you are in Denver this month, come check out the world premiere of "Great Wall Story" (through April 22) presented by Denver Center Theatre Company in the Ricketson Theatre at the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

Written by award winning contemporary NY playwright, Lloyd Suh, this fast-paced, highly entertaining play is based on the true story of a newspaper hoax which was hatched by three newspapermen on a sleepy night in Denver in 1899.  Their tale had a ripple effect which reached across the globe, and the truth was only actually uncovered several decades later.  The story is beautifully told by a terrific ensemble cast and is at once hilarious, provocative and moving.

For anyone who is interested in truth and ethics in journalism, this story is as profoundly relevant today as ever.

Art Manke directs the incredibly talented cast of Great Wall Story which includes: Christopher Kelly, Mike Hartman, Jacob Knoll, John Hutton, Merritt Janson, Larry Paulsen and Gabe Koskinen-Sansone.  Gorgeous layered scenic design by Lisa M. Orzolek, and beautiful period costume design by Angela Balogh Calin.

On a personal note, nothing can quite explain how rewarding -- and FUN -- it has been to watch my son fall desperately in love with the art of theatre.  He plays reporter Jack Tournay's son, Charlie -- a soulful touchstone in the story, living out the consequence of the lies of his father with his own struggle to maintain hope in difficult times. Gabe's experience is instilling in him passion, confidence, dedication, a great work ethic -- and has introduced him to a family of truly talented, creative and wonderful people.

All Photos © Jennifer M. Koskinen