Tuesday, September 28, 2010

McClure Pass Panorama

(click image to see larger)

My wide angle lens was recently rendered temporarily out of commission in a job-related tripod incident...

I might have normally pulled out that wide lens for a shot such as the above, encompassing such a vast expanse of scenery.  However, on the heals of my 16-35mm being sent to the shop, Outdoor Photographer's George Lepp inspired me (at this past week's first annual Telluride Photo Festival - I'm already excited for next year's festival!) to take out the 70-200mm and create a panorama from 7 different vertical shots (something I haven't done for a while).  Check out the above image by clicking to see it larger (although this is still a low res version).  What a satisfying experience to make a crisp, high resolution image with an older Canon 5D that would print over 4 feet wide!

The patterns up there were truly gorgeous... what an interesting fall, with some patches still green, and others completely bare already.  Here are some of the details that are in the panorama: