Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finger Painting | Wearable Art

We had only a tiny window of opportunity in which to fit in a shoot with Nicole wearing her latest painted dresses (co-designed by Chemical by Sasha for the Telluride AIDS Benefit).  

She was a trooper out there in the sudden (and intense) snow squall, and in the end, the whirling snow added quite nicely to the magical quality of the dresses.

See more of her work here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Telluride AIDS Benefit | Behind the Models... The Series

I'm still not exactly sure why I ever believed the local fashion show models of Telluride would actually agree to pose for these photos, but somehow they went for it, and here we are, four years strong!

There's something so powerful and pure about the grouped forms of bodies in graphic shapes like this, and the set altogether is quite fun.

Together 8 prints of these four photos have raised over $4K in the Telluride AIDS Benefit silent art auctions.

Top to bottom:
Array | 2009
Force + Grace | 2011
Hands of Hope | 2008
Outside the Box | 2010

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Telluride AIDS Benefit | Model Photo 2011

This year's theme, "Force + Grace," was another really fun concept to dream up, sketch out and photograph... A central spine of models choreographed to transfer forces top to bottom, complimented by the graceful poses of the dancers weaving on either side:

As always, the models were a dream to work with... Special thanks to this year's amazing Fashion Show choreographer/directors Katy Parnello and Amanda Carlson for their assistance in directing the shoot.

I feel so blessed for the opportunity to be involved in the promotion and fundraising for this unique and special event.  Gratitude abounds for everything the board and community behind the Telluride AIDS Benefit does to make this event not only an impressive high quality and ridiculously fun experience, but also a huge success with its financial contribution -- funds which go directly to saving lives and helping improve the quality of life for children and people effected by AIDS from the Western Slope to Africa.

Watch here for photos from the always amazing TAB Gala Fashion Show!