Friday, August 7, 2009


Shooting architecture is truly fascinating to me. You have an opportunity to tell a story about function, form, detail and spatial flow, and the choices that you make truly do shape how the viewer understands a space. I like to shoot several different vignettes on the same space, and allow my clients to choose which photos speak most powerfully to them.

You can see in the following four photos of the same exact space (a truly beautiful, one architects, inc. designed remodel) how differently they speak to the elements of the space being photographed. Each perspective tells its own story.

We start with an exploration in the juxtaposition of old, textural material vs. a new, steel wall - pure elements with a touch of mystery hinted by the rug around the corner:

This perspective tells of connections and the relationship of adjoining spaces:

Here is a more formal study of lines, forms, materials and architectural perspective:

And finally, one last shot, peering upstairs, still using the reclaimed door to ground you in the space.

It's all about perspective!