Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brainstorming some more...

These are our past two TAB Model Photos, from '08 + '09. Auction bids for these and our butt shots (see "Dreaming of the Next in a Series" post below), have totaled over $5,500, proceeds going to the various beneficiaries of the Telluride AIDS Benefit.

I'm absolutely loving the theme for this year's Fashion Show (to be revealed!) and having a blast brainstorming ideas for the model photo... hoping to push some boundaries on several levels! I love my job!!

The final model photo, along with a new photo in the "Butt Shot" series, will be auctioned at the TAB Art Auction on Friday, February 26th in Telluride... details to follow!

Please visit Telluride AIDS Benefit for more information.

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