Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding at Greyhead Owner's Cabin

June 13, 2009...

This intensely joyful, intimate and FUN wedding was a blessing for me to shoot. We woke to a stunningly perfect Colorado blue sky, but by the hour of the ceremony, the rain had grown over the mountains. It broke just long enough for a shortened outdoor ceremony, which, as far as the photos go, made for gorgeous skin tones on the wedding party, and the raindrops that started to fall as the groom heard those words, "You may kiss the bride" added beautifully to the perfection and almost other worldly quality of the day. Stunning.
The Bride and bridesmaids peaking out at the site for the ceremony, smiling joyfully despite the passing mountain rainshower.

Officiant and friend adds a moment of humor to the ceremony

The raindrops start to fall...
Sun re-emerges for the reception!

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