Friday, July 31, 2009

Horsefly Mesa Wedding, Telluride

I'd like to extend a sincere Thank You to Melissa Plantz for the invitation to shoot this wedding with her earlier this summer - hopefully the start of a great working relationship!

Fortunately (as this was a destination wedding), this Saturday wedding avoided the cycle of showers that day (what a wet summer it has been in Colorado!) as its location was just far enough from the mountains on one of the local mesas. From there, we got to watch the weather come and go over the Wilson Range while we basked comfortably under one of our trademark Colorado skies.

Dogs, kids, touching and thoughtful do-it-yourself touches everywhere - it was a joy to shoot! Oh - and the carriage was a surprise to the bride from her father that day - what a great element of charm it added to the celebration!

What a beautiful gift it is to be invited to share in such an intimate celebration of love, intimate family and friends... it is incredible how much I feel for these couples after shooting their weddings, even when, as in this case, I met them for the first time that morning! I truly do wish them a life of happiness! And I once again feel so lucky to do what I do!!

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Jeff said...

Loved the pictures and loved having you there!

Jeff (& Marisa)