Thursday, March 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes: The Contact Sheet | Denver Portrait Photographer

What a blast I had photographing a new male model this weekend in my studio! He had the goal of building his portfolio for a modeling agency, and had never been professionally photographed before, but clearly, he's a natural! Directing his shoot was a breeze and am just loving this preliminary collection -- so impressed with his variety of expression and ease with posing.

And can I just take another moment to say how much I love all of the opportunity ripe for the taking in and around this studio!? Just found that graffiti wall wandering around this weekend. Good stuff.

Should be noted that these photos are completely UNedited -- after the shoot I take the set from several hundred photos down to a set that is manageable for a client to make their final image selections, then all retouching will happen on those.

Enjoy this glimpse behind the scenes, and come check out the Merritt Design Photo portrait and head shot studio for yourself sometime!

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