Friday, November 8, 2013

New Photo Products!! [ Denver Family & Portrait Photographer ]

[ High Quality Archival Prints! In Gorgeous Frames! ]

For too long I resisted jumping on board with the likes of "those" photographers who only sold actual photos and wouldn't release files. I didn't get it. I wanted my clients to have ALL of their photo files to do with as they pleased.

But then...

... then I started visiting clients' homes and realizing I was inadvertently favoring quantity over quality, giving them a inferior product by not overseeing the quality side of my end product. Photos were printed with poor color calibration, on paper that was fading, cropped improperly by automated machines, and looking diminutive on a wall.

Or -- the horror! -- they were sitting lost in a folder of files somewhere. I know you know what I'm talking about...

Bottom line is that I care about my clients too much to have their investment not reach it's potential, and I have too much passion for my work to let sub-par prints or lost files be representative of what I'm putting out into the world.

To that end, I have searched high and low, I have sampled, I have queried, and finally I have sourced an incredible lab (which happens to be based in Denver -- how great is that?) and hand selected a line of extraordinary products on which your photographs will look simply magnificent!

[ 5x7 Image Box ]

So, it's time for your photographs to break out of pixel jail and have a VIBRANT LIFE BEYOND THE DIGITAL FILE!

Speaking of digital files... most of us really only want a digital file so we can share it with friends and family via email, facebook, and other social media. And I'd like you to have that ability as well! So, for every photograph you purchase, you will ALSO receive a web resolution file which is licensed and optimized for you to share electronically!

If you are still on the fence as to why it is worth the investment in real, finished, quality products, here are a few more of the factors that changed my mind:

1) Most of us will enjoy files for a very limited amount of time and then they will become forgotten pixels in a computer file somewhere. Why invest in professional photography at all if it will be lost?
2) Files WILL become corrupt over time.
3) Files will likely be un-readable by future computers / programs (think about how quickly video cassettes became obsolete... then DVDs replaced by BlueRay... etc.)
4) Professional prints are archival, color-calibrated, and guaranteed by your photographer to look the way you want.
5) This is my favorite: Prints on your wall and books on a coffee table, of your family, will be appreciated day after day, year after year, and hopefully generation after generation!

[ 5x5 Press Book with Layflat Pages ]

[ 5x7 Image Boxes ] 
[ Miniature Accordion Books ]

What could be better than a gallery of fine art celebrating the love of your family in your home?

And YES! I am carrying a gorgeous line of frames now, too! 

I am MADLY IN LOVE with all of these incredible products and have samples for you to touch, feel, and see for yourself why the investment in photographing your family can end in something far more satisfying, lasting, and beautiful than digital files!  

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