Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kiewit Western + the Twitter Connection

AFTER years of thinking that Twitter sounded like one more way to waste time sitting at the computer, a friend convinced me that it just might be worth investigating as a professional networking tool for my photography business. I was skeptical, but one night about 2 months ago, I rather spontaneously started tweeting.

My approach to the social media outlet, knowing nothing about it on the first day, took form quite quickly as I realized that I was actually interested in tweeting with two basic target groups: 1) photographers, by way of "joining the conversation" and sharing valuable information, imagery and product links and 2) architects, as a means of again sharing interesting links and conversing with my target clientele.

Much to my surprise, I was DM'd (direct messaged) by a Denver architect almost right away, and thus landed an actual paying (and satisfying!) job within my first few days of tweeting. I am extraordinarily grateful for the experience of working with the classy James Greenfield, Architect, and hope to work with him again soon!

Here are just a few photos from this commission:

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