Sunday, September 7, 2014

Portrait Client Experience | Senior & Family Photographer Denver

Confession: I'm a total design / branding / packaging nerd. I love me some strong, compelling lines of graphic design and seeing how people integrate design into their branding (I have a super fun Pinterest board to check out for inspiration if you, too, geek out on the subject).

So it's really no surprise that I've loved every minute of designing, researching and preparing these new materials and products. This is going to be a game changer for the kind of experience I can provide for my clients.

Here's a peek:

[ click to view larger ]

Clockwise starting at the top:
1) Customized crystal USB drives for electronic file delivery, custom designed wax seal, fresh branded stamp, beautiful gift certificates and new streamlined product menu.
2) The Folio Box!!! The beauty, weight and craftsmanship of this box is STUNNING in person!!
3) New re-usable delivery bags for frame and folio box orders - love them!
4) New Proofing System for High School Senior & Family Clients (Modern Women's Portrait clients' presentation will be revealed in another few weeks!)... that's right: we're taking it back to REAL LIVE PROOFS! I've suspected for a while that holding something in your hands would be easier to sort, admire and actually SEE than digital proofs. First session was all I needed to see to convince me how preferable the experience is.

I'm so SO excited!!

Regarding the origin of this new logo, I thought about this for about half a year before putting pen to paper, wanting an image to accompany my branding that I could separate out from text. When I finally felt inspired to sketch one day, I sat down and sketched this in about 90 seconds, drawing my architectural roots into the iconography of a photo-taking device, not quite realizing how powerful an exercise that would turn out to be. Something about putting pen to paper... quite satisfying, indeed!

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