Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Speechless | Portrait Photographer Denver

So, I'm going through a set of stunning photos from a photo shoot in my studio yesterday and just HAD to share this glimpse of the process, as I'm DYING at how gorgeous they all are! It was one of those days where everything just clicked... the light, the conversation, and most of all, this absolutely beautiful young woman -- gorgeous and so talented, inside and out!
jennifer koskinen photographer
Above is an iPhone shot of my monitor, of a straight out of camera shot which I converted to black and white in Instagram (if you're on Instagram, come say hello @merrittphoto!) just because I was curious... The result took my breath away!

Sarah's awesome mom took these pictures of my assistant (and son) and me doing our thing, which I just love! And the final shot below is a phone picture by my boy (I'm loving his over-the-lens, behind-the-scenes shots!).
behind the scenes 1

merritt design photo

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