Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why I do What I Do | The Happiness Gratitude Connection

I have something personal to share on why I have been a photographer since ... long before I realized I was actually a photographer ...

I recently caught the tail end of a TED radio talk on Happiness, when I was struck by these words:"WE HAVE TO BUILD STOP SIGNS INTO OUR LIVES."

The speaker, David Steindle Rast, was talking about gratitude as an essential key to happiness. He suggested that this simple active pause can revolutionize our lives, inspiring a sense of gratitude, and in turn bringing more happiness to our daily lives.  He suggested that we could ALL benefit by taking time to "STOP. LOOK. And GO." Every day.

This is PRECISELY what I love so passionately about photography. 

Great photographs are stop signs: they evoke a moment's pause, a moment's reflection, a moment to be grateful. 

The world moves fast. Faster, every day with digital images pummeling most of us for most of our waking hours (I'm probably not the only one guilty of absorbing digital media even from bed)!

When I recently started ordering PRINTS again -- for myself and for clients -- it struck me how much value there was in looking at something that wasn't being projected in pixels. It was inspiring me to STOP. And LOOK. And then GO on with my day. With Gratitude.

THIS is why I do what I do. My work is ever inspired by love, gratitude, and a desire to share.

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Stay GRATEFUL... and as always, Stay INSPIRED!

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