Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Family Portraits: More in 2012 !

I still consider myself an architectural photographer.  The merging of great design detailing, material, texture and light are all deeply inspiring to me, and creating photographs of beautiful 3 dimensional spaces is a unique thrill.  However, something has been crystalizing for me lately: what began as simply photographing family & friends for fun has slowly begun to teach me how much I LOVE working with people! It fills me with incomparable joy to capture a fleeting smile; to make someone feel their beauty -- and truly -- there is little on the planet more beautiful and precious to me than a pure smile which radiates from a person's eyes and outward onto his or her face.  As I photograph, a smile grows on MY face as people relax into having fun, and again I'm sure people laugh at me as I edit and smile stupidly at my monitor.  It is great fun!

Yes... I love it.  More of this in 2012, please!

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Ashley said...

Hey Jennifer! It's great to see that you love photographing people as much as you do amazing architecture. I'm catching up and reading some of your latest blog posts.

I saw some gorgeous photos of Ambria, but it's nice to see some beautiful smiling faces in your portfolio too. (: