Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Instagram | Portrait Fun

Since my studio is in our home, I try to make time every day to connect with my boy OUTSIDE of the house (without the distraction of the computer, phone, etc.), and one of our favorite spots has become a coffee shop on the walk home from school.

It just so happens that the coffee shop has this great shade which in summertime produces a fantastic light pattern.  While yes, this IS admittedly another distraction, it has a fun side-effect: cool photos!  We took these of each other yesterday with the iPod Touch, and I edited them very minimally in Camera+ and shared through Instagram.

The photo on the right was chosen as "best of the day" by members of the IG community today, and has received over 650 "likes" and more comments from all around the world since I first posted it just over 24 hours ago!  I'm clearly still bowled over by the power of this interactive tool to share creative inspiration.

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