Sunday, February 13, 2011

Playing with Tilt Shift App

Denver Art Museum

I discovered another fun little app for the iPod this weekend and I've been having a blast experimenting with different effects on a variety of photos.  It it absolutely incredible to me what these simple little gadgets can do!

This one allows you to mimic the highly specific depth of field effect of a tilt shift lens, resulting in images that often look like tiny scale models, even though these are - I swear - full scale scenes.

If you have an iPod or iPhone, this particular app is called TiltShiftGen and so far, I love it!

Denver Capitol building from Art Museum window

16th Street Mall, Denver

Confluence Park, Denver

Mesa Verde National Park

Telluride Wedding

View from Tattered Cover Parking Garage, Denver, CO

Glenwood Canyon, CO

Telluride from the Gondola

Telluride, CO during Mountainfilm

Denver City and County Building, July 4th 2010
16th Street, Denver CO

16th Street, Denver, CO

Telluride from Town Park
Telluride, CO - July 4th


mouselink said...

such great images and it's so impressive to group them all together in a blog post like this. #respect ps: have you hash-tagged them on IG so they can all be viewed in one tag-gallery?

Jennifer M Koskinen said...

Thank you so much, Matteo! Great idea to hash tag them as a group in IG... will have to do that as I share them over time there :) By the way, your tilt-shift train images were the ones that finally made me download this ap. Seriously fun stuff!

mouselink said...

thanks. your tiltshifts are really good, and they make me miss colorado, dammit! i can be found on instagram at