Thursday, July 15, 2010

Art Dress by Nicole Finger

Nicole Finger, an incredibly talented painter (and lovely person) from Telluride, Colorado, asked me to photograph her this past weekend wearing the fruits of her latest passion, couture painting.

It began last year with an original creation for the Ah Haa Auction: a bold safari themed dress which she modeled during the live auction, adorned with a huge, live snake draped across her shoulders!

This year's spectacular dress (the second in what I certainly hope will be a long line of Nicole's art dresses!) takes a retro and artful turn, its inspiration being Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss."  The fabric is intricately painted with shimmering colors and then hand jeweled.

The piece will be auctioned during the live auction part of this Friday night's annual Ah Haa School "Artopia" fundraiser in Telluride.

Sparkles beautifully in late afternoon Colorado light... and on such a gorgeous artist!

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Barbara said...

for some reason my earlier comment didn't get, again, I think this is stunning. Nicole, her art, the dress, and the photography. Beautiful work by both of you. Someone is going to be really lucky to get that exquisite dress!